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Here at Panei International Trading Company, we are with you every step of the way.

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By providing international transportation, our expertise ensures that your goods are efficiently transported from various corners of the world to your destination.
شرکت بازرگانی
With expertise in importing chemical materials, we bridge global markets and responsibly supply essential elements to industries for innovation, creation, and advancement.
As one of the importers of cellulose materials, Pangei International Trading Company paves the way for ecological solutions and secures natural resources that form the basis of sustainable products and methods.
By importing industrial essentials, we play a key role in equipping and enhancing the efficiency of production operations, thus aiding the growth of businesses in various industries.
Through the import of raw materials, we provide the foundation for production and innovation as the basis for manufacturing and innovation, helping businesses transform these essential materials into significant products.
کائوچو دستکش
At Panjei International Trading Company, we specialize in importing natural rubber, known as “caoutchouc.” We source this vital material from global suppliers and assist our customers in ensuring quality and securing caoutchouc for their rubber production through our distinguished import services.

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Panjei International Trading Company, with over two decades of experience, helps you maintain an active and sustainable supply chain.

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